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Firenze Frenzy: Why You Should Visit Florence, Italy.

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In a world that values the now or the up and coming, Florence stands as the antithesis of human nature's dogged need for "innovation." As the epicenter of the Renaissance, Florence reigns as one if not the world's artistic capital. The city's greatest masterpiece is the fact that the city still exists. As you walk on centuries-old stones, here are some of Florence's patron saints.

(Image courtesy of me)

Architecture: Florence invented the idea of commercial air rights. In medieval Europe, buildings needed to be taller to meet increasing population demands. Yet, the tallest building is not Mcskyscrapper. Instead, the Duomo stands as the crowning jewel of the city. As we live in a perpetual state of fast-forward, Florence's architecture allows you to appreciate the past.

(Image courtesy of me)

Visual arts: The Medici family's artistic patronage allowed the forebears of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to create some of the world's great masterpieces. When you see David, you marvel at the marble. My mom always says the key to accomplishment rests in chipping away at it. David is the physical manifestation of this ideal. David's veins and eyes make the statue one breath away from running out of the Galleria Academia. Sadly, we do not know the nameless masters who gave Florence all of its frescos, wooden doors, or metalwork. But we know that humans can make magic.

(Images courtesy of me)

Doors: My favorite thing to photograph is European doors. European doors serve as the unofficial ambassadors to a city. I believe that Florence is the door capital of Italy. A person can tell a location's historical and socioeconomic significance based on its doors. In epochs where few could read, the doors served as visual storytelling elements that allowed visitors and locals alike to understand the meaning of a building's significance. Today, the doors serve as treasure chests that could be home to either a Renaissance masterpiece or a souvenir store.

(Images courtesy of me)


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