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Joe Cool At The Charles M. Schulz Museum

(Image courtesy of Charles M. Schulz Museum )

The Peanuts are considered cultural icons. Snoopy, Charlie Brown,and the gang can

be seen on clothing, television, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Growing up, I always

bought my dad (Joe) a snoopy birthday or father day card that said to the efect of, “Joe Cool.

Happy (fill in the holiday)." It wasn’t until I got my dog that Oliver, who looks eerily similar to

Snoopy, that I realized how much I loved Snoopy. Whenever someone stops me to see my dog, he is

constantly compared to Snoopy. He has the same expressive eyes, coloring, and love of people

(and attention). One day, while watching television I saw travel journalist

Samantha Brown going to the Charles M. Schulz Museum. This Museum in Sonoma County

allows visitors to enter Snoopy and the gang’s world. In 2022, the Museum is set to

celebrate Charles Schulz’s 100th birthday. I had the chance to speak with

curator Benjamin Clark, curator, to learn more about the Museum.

(My dog Oliver)

(Image courtesy of Charles M. Schulz Museum )

1.Why should someone visit The Charles M. Schulz Museum?

If you love the art of Charles Schulz, if you’ve ever laughed at Peanuts, you should visit the Charles M. Schulz Museum. It is the place to see more of his original art than anywhere else. With rotating exhibitions, you’ll see something new every time you visit. And seeing the original art is an eye-opening experience. As it was created during Schulz’s lifetime, original comic strip art carries so much more nuance and detail than how it was printed in newspapers. While he was growing up, seeing an exhibition of original comic art shifted Charles Schulz’s thinking from “I want to become a cartoonist” to “I can become a cartoonist.” Visit and view his comic art nd see what it does for you. You’ll at least have a laugh.

(Image courtesy of Charles M. Schulz Museum )

2. How has The Charles M. Schulz Museum adapted in the face of COVID-19?

As Sonoma County and the State of California have lifted nearly all restrictions, the Schulz Museum no longer limits the number of visitors or requires masks for visitors. However, there are still hand sanitizer stations throughout the Museum and limited hands-on activities as we all do our part to beat Covid-19.

(Image courtesy of Charles M. Schulz Museum )

3. How does the Museum acquire its artifacts?

The Schulz Museum acquires artifacts in several ways, but put simply, through donations and purchases. Collectors and fans want to find the perfect forever home for things they’ve collected, and the Schulz Museum may be the ideal place. The Museum also actively works to fill gaps in the collection through strategic purchases.

(Image courtesy of Charles M. Schulz Museum )

4. What is the future of the Museum?

The future of the Schulz Museum is bright, with a full slate of special exhibitions and programs going into Schulz’s Centennial year in 2022. Also, with a new education building that opened just before closures due to Covid-19, the Museum now has more space than ever to provide opportunities to see and engage with the life and art of Charles M. Schulz.

(Image courtesy of Charles M. Schulz Museum )


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