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Leave Your Mark with Aliza Licht

(Image courtesy of Aliza Licht)

In the world of Public Relations, Aliza Licht is akin to Rembrandt. Both ushered in a Golden Age of written or visual communications. I first heard of Licht's work during a networking call with a fashion company. The organization's Senior Director For Global Activities recommended Licht's book Leave Your Mark as a way to further my P.R. education. Little did I know that I began to read the Rosetta Stone of applied Strategic Communications theories. The book allows readers to understand how to create a person's brand while simultaneously disclosing insider secrets to succeeding in the working world. After reading the book, I immediately went to LinkedIn and followed Licht where she posted how her mentorship program was accepting new candidates. I was in a parking spot and wrote my application before going into Publix. On my twenty-fourth birthday, I got an email saying I was accepted. Since then, I have had the chance to apply the book's lessons and learn with/from my cohort of other early-career professionals. I had the opportunity to interview Aliza to learn more about how you can Leave Your Mark.

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1. How did you develop Leave Your Mark LLC?

Following my 17-year career at Donna Karan International, I left in 2015 to launch my book, LEAVE YOUR MARK. When the press tour was over, I realized that it was way too soon to think about another company role. I decided instead to consult, and that's when I started LEAVE YOUR MARK LLC. I built my consulting business as a brand marketing and digital consultancy where I functioned almost as a rent-a CMO on multiple teams. I stopped consulting this past June when I joined Warby Parker (previously a client) as their Head of Social Media and Brand Experiences. Today, LEAVE YOUR MARK is a multi-media brand that encompasses the book, podcast, and community.

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2. What is the 20% rule?

The 20% rule was made famous by Google and shared with me by Communications expert and author Dorie Clark. "The idea is pretty simple: It's that you, or a team, or a company--anyone, really--should divide your time working, so that at least 20 percent is spent exploring or working on projects that show no promise of paying immediate dividends, but that might reveal big opportunities down the road." More on it here:

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3. How do you apply the rule to your life?

I didn't know about it until Dorie shared it with me (although it is super well known). The irony is, I live it. LEAVE YOUR MARK is my 20%. Everything I do to build this brand and community is because it's a passion project.

(Image courtesy of Leave Your Mark Community's LinkedIn)

4. What are ways one can discover or develop a passion of theirs?

As my friend Jessica Andrews wisely shared in her episode of LEAVE YOUR MARK, think about what you would do for free because you love it that much. Her episode is linked here!

(Image of Jessica Andrews courtesy of

5. How does the Leave Your Mark Community help foster personal and professional growth?

It's everything they didn't teach you in school. It's meant to be that big sister that shows you the ropes and how work works. I teach the importance of building your personal brand because at the end of the day, your name should mean something without a brand behind it.

6. What are ways people can get involved with Leave Your Mark?

Join the next boot camp, listen to the podcast, read the book and share what you learn with others!


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