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Moral Of The Story: Why You Should Go To Epilogue and Prologue

(Image courtesy of Epilogue's Instagram account)

Sometimes, the best stories come from open books. At Epilogue (and its new extension Prologue), Jamie and Miranda Sanchez offer an inclusive environment with a diverse book selection, warm atmosphere, and delicious food on Chapel Hill's famous Franklin Street. I had the chance to speak with Jamie to learn more about the book/coffee store.

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1. How did you end up in Chapel Hill?

My partner and I were very nomadic. We got to a place where we wanted to find a place to settle down and eventually start a family. When looking for our new home, we wanted to look at great school districts. We were in between Connecticut, Washington state, and North Carolina. In 2015, we moved to Chapel Hill. When we first moved here, we found a bookstore (where Epilogue and Prologue now exist) and loved how welcoming it is. Once that first book store closed in 2017, we spent a year developing a solid business plan. It took us a long time because we wanted to create a business that offers its employees a livable wage and insurance (which we do). Almost two years after the bookstore closed, we opened our bookstore Epilogue on November 1, 2019.

2. Why should someone visit Epilogue and the newly opened Prologue?

If you want a space space that values you for who you are, this is the place for you- Jamie Sanchez

(Image courtesy of Jade Wilson. Image was found in

From a product perspective, we ensure that we have books that elevate the stories of marginalized groups and the LGBTQIA+ communities. From a food perspective, we honor my family's Mexican heritage by offering Mexican pastries, hot chocolates, and syrups (all made in-house). We hire a diverse staff to give our customers a true reflection of the Chapel Hill Community. Consequently, Epilogue and Prologue reflect our family and the greater community.

(Image courtesy of Epilogue's Instagram account)

3. How has the store adapted in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic?

We had to adapt continuously. We were open for a few months before the pandemic. Once the pandemic hit, we had to catch up on the backend. During the lockdown, we built our online presence and website. We helped generate revenue for our vendors (Carrboro Coffee Roasters, Pink Moon, and more) by creating surprise boxes for customers to send to their family and friends. When we reopened, we were always a step behind the CDC guidelines to ensure our staff and customers. We want to protect people with immunocompromised bodies, the elderly, and children who could not get the vaccines.

(Image courtesy of Epilogue's Instagram account)

Our our moral compass points us in the right direction for our community.- Jamie Sanchez

(Image courtesy of Epilogue's Instagram account)

4. What should people see in Chapel Hill, and do the stores add to a visitor's experience?

Chapel Hill is home to some iconic places. Visitors should visit the Auckland Art Museum and the Carolina Basketball Museum. A mission of ours is to amplify local artisans to share their perspectives of Chapel Hill and North Carolina.

(Image courtesy of Epilogue's Instagram account)

5. What is the future of the stores?

Our future is to continue to elevate marginalized voices.

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