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Paradise On Earth: Why You Should Visit Italy's Piedmont Region

(Image courtesy of Visit Piemonte – Regional Marketing and Promotion)

Italy's Piedmont Region is more than a culinary oasis known for its chocolate, coffee and truffles. It's the home of renowned history, architecture and industry. When thinking of this region, I will echo another American traveling to Italy when she sang " This is what dreams are made of". I had the chance to speak with Coralie B., Area Marketer for Regional Agency of Tourism Promotion, to learn more about why you should visit this paradise on earth.

1. What makes Piedmont different from other regions in Italy?

Every region in Italy has a distinct character. The food in Southern Italy has different ingredients, preparation, and cooking methods from Northern Italy. Piedmont combines the rich culinary traditions of Southern Italy with the architecture and history of Northern Italy. Piedmont was the birthplace of Italian Reunification. From the fall of the Roman Empire to 1861, Italy was composed of city-states and principalities. Piedmont is the place where the modern notion of Italy was born and nursed.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Image depicts Italy flag isolated on sky background. close up waving flag of Italy. flag symbols of Italy)

2. Why should someone visit the Piedmont Region?

Piedmont offers something to do in any season. In the winter, you can ski in the Italian Alps. While in the summer, you can tour our famous vineyards. Visitors can begin their adventures in the capital city of Turin, where they can see Italian history via the city's architecture, museums, and gardens. Piedmont is renowned for its coffee, truffles, and chocolate. Its food scene is the home to the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in the world. Additionally, the region hosts our famous truffle festival to celebrate not only this ingredient but also culinary excellence.

(Image courtesy of Visit Piemonte – Regional Marketing and Promotion)

3. How has the region evolved since the pandemic?

Prior to the pandemic, Piedmont welcomed many tourists from Europe and beyond. During the pandemic, the region saw an increase in domestic tourism, especially from Lombardy. As the pandemic continues to wane, we are seeing an increase in European Tourism from our Austrian, French, German, and Swiss neighbors. We are excited to welcome the greater global community to our paradise on earth.

(Image courtesy of Visit Piemonte – Regional Marketing and Promotion)

4. When visiting the Piedmont Region, what are some sites everyone should see?

When a person explores Piedmont, they should visit Langhe. Langhe has a rich winemaking tradition that dates back to ancient times. This UNESCO world heritage site also is renowned for its cheeses and truffles. Tourists should also visit the lake region. The lake region is home to stunning nature, architecture, and history. If someone loves wine, than they should visit Roero and Monferrato areas to learn more about winemaking history in the region. For anyone who loves the outdoors, The Alps of Cuneo is an area where bikers can see the panoramic view from Alta Via del Sale.

(Image courtesy of Visit Piemonte – Regional Marketing and Promotion)


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