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See The World In Color: Why You Should Visit Barcelona, Spain

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Every metropolitan area follows the same formula. The city needs a sky full of buildings, few public parks, and many tourists taking pictures in the same places. In a sea of conformity and monotony, Barcelona is a haven where individuality and creativity reign supreme. The city's Cataolinian heritage makes the city distinct from other Spanish cities. I had the chance to speak with Emma M. who works at the Barcelona's Departament de Premsa to learn more why someone should visit Barcelona.

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1. Why should someone visit Barcelona?

Barcelona should be visited because it is one of the most modern and culturally active cities in Europe and worldwide. We have a Mediterranean climate, we have mountains and sea, tradition, and innovation. In fact, we recently won the award for the best Smart City outside Asia-Pacific. Our offer is very varied: gastronomy, museums and art galleries, sports, concerts, science, congresses, etc. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the permanent renovation of the MWC in our city, making us the mobile world capital.

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2. How does Barcelona honor its past but embrace innovation?

Barcelona is a city committed to its historical legacy and traditions. We have our own identity, and we defend our cultural heritage; at the same time, we are pioneers in research and innovation. Barcelona is a city in constant transformation and is always committed to sustainability and care for the environment.

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3. What are some might see sights everyone should visit?

Fortunately, Barcelona has a very wide and segmented offer for profiles with different interests. We are a culturally powerful city with a wide range of architectural and historical heritage, museums, science, gastronomy, and leisure activities. The Catalan Modernisme routes and our restaurants are a must.

(Images courtesy of Arch Digest. The images depicts Casa Batll 's arched roof decorated with trencads, Casa Batll 's visceral, skeletal facade., and Casa Vicens in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, please go to the Arch Digest article here:

4. How can tourists help make Barcelona a better place?

Barcelona is an open and cosmopolitan city with a markedly hospitable character, and we like our visitors to feel integrated and to share the city like any other local. And in this sense, we invite them to enjoy our Mediterranean and welcoming lifestyle, always with respect and trying not to break the balance of our coexistence.

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5. What is the future of Barcelona?

We are optimistic. Barcelona will always give the best of itself, and we want to share it with the world, always wanting to improve and be the best possible destination. We are an interesting city where many interesting things happen, thanks to its entrepreneurial character and innovative instinct. The city has the best services to welcome visitors who want to get to know our city and our people and those who want to live here and establish their professional projects.

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