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Sparkling Art: How Lillie Bernie's Art Continues to Shine

(Image courtesy of The Glitter Store.)

Grey's Anatomy's 100th episode, What A Difference a Day Makes, Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigel) begins this episode with the following quote, " You never know the biggest day of your life is going to be the biggest." While each day has its magic moments, some moments change the way you view your life. For those moments, you remember what you were wearing, who you were with, and why you were there. As life moves at warp speed, that magical moment is encased with diamond-like clarity and shine. Lillie Bernie, Founder of The Glitter Store, understands the impact of shining moments. Her company creates works of art by combining photography and painting. I had the chance to speak with her to learn more about her creative process.

(Image courtesy of The Glitter Store.)

1. How do you define art?

Art is the ability to provoke a feeling or emotion from somebody through something you create.

(Image courtesy of The Glitter Store.)

2. Describe your artistic journey.

I painted when I was in high school. I graduated from university, where I majored in journalism. Once I completed my degree, I pursued modeling full-time. After two years of working in the modeling world, my dad said, " Why don't you start painting again?" So, I picked up my paintbrushes and began creating large abstract paintings. After completing my abstract works, I got a studio and visited galleries for representation. Many galleries did not take my art seriously because I was a model. So, I pivoted and decided to create art from modeling photos. I worked with one of my best friends, and I said I wanted to make magical sparkle girls who could do whatever they wanted. We worked with a photographer to bring this idea to life. After being photographed, I printed a large size of the image and painted glitter on top of the photograph. Another friend saw the work and asked me if I could use the same technique to create an artwork of her wedding photo with her husband.

(Image courtesy of The Glitter Store.)

As I was beginning this new technique, COVID-19 happened. No one wanted to buy big abstract paintings for their homes, but they might want to have glitter photos. So, I turned this glitter idea into a proper business and gifted four influencers who spread the word on their social media platforms.

(Image courtesy of The Glitter Store.)

3. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your work?

My mission is to create art that makes people happy. I want my art to make someone smile. My vision is to continue immortalizing positive memories by throwing glitter into the world and making people smile.

(Image courtesy of The Glitter Store.)

4. What is the future of the company?

I want to continue to grow my business and team.

(Image courtesy of The Glitter Store.)


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