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Spring (Fashion) Froward Part 3

I was fourteen years old when I first went New York City. My mom's childhood best friend's son was having his bar mitzvah. My family stayed in Lower Manhattan. While my family and I were seeing the sights, every taxi cab was playing the same commercial. It was the Fox television show Glee's Fashion Night Out. It's been almost ten years since this commercial aired, yet I think this nostalgic tune rings in my ears whenever I think of fashion.

Here is the full music video.

For my MEJO 732 Public Relations and Strategic Writing and MEJO 577 Branding of Me class, students have the opportunity to write about anything they wish. I dived into the world of fashion as I direct messaged fashion brands to learn more about this world. I asked 7 of All Mankind, Alice and Olivia by Stacey Bendet, Annie Bing, Monday Swim Wear , Nili Lotan , Olivia Von Halle, Outdoor Voices, Thread and Supply, Triangl, and Unpublished Jeans, what pieces they think are effortlessly chic for Spring 2021.

Nili Lotan : Nili Lotan embodies the purpose of this mini-series: the power of being effortlessly chic. In today's world, Nili Lotan uses minimalism to showcase the wearer's body type. Nili Lotan told me, "All my collections are effortless. Effortless means that you look like you didn't try hard to look great, but you do. That any piece you put on your look and feel good. This is the word behind my DNA. Nonchalant. Effortless. Anything you'll put in will look effortless ." Here are some of my favorites for her Spring 2021 Collection.

Top Row: Robin Crochet Shawl. According to the Nili Lotan website, " The Robin Crochet Shawl has a bohemian, 1970's rock n roll spirit.Open weave, long fringe and an asymetrical shape. Pair it with a tank or tee and a pair of jeans." Price is $695. You can order this shaw at

Bottom Row: Carter Fringe Jacket. Nili Lotan's website says, " The Carter Fringe jacket is designed for a relaxed, easy fit. It features soft suede and fringe detail throughout. Complete with hip pockets, wide lapel and front button closure" Price is $2395. To get this jacket go to

Olivia Von Halle: Maybe it's the fact that I love Audrey Hepburn movies. Olivia Von Halle reminds me of a fusion between Hepburn's Holly Golightly, Princess Anne, and Jo Stockton styles with a modern flair. I asked Olivia Von Halle for their Spring 2021 recommendations, and here they are.

Top Row: Issa Slip Dress in Sage Green. Olivia Von Hassle describes this dress as,"Discover your new luxe nightwear companion in our Issa Sage silk slip dress. Elegantly cut with luxe details, it’ll add that touch of refinery and sophistication at-home, every evening." Price is $415. This dress comes in Oyster (light pink), Ivory, Jet Black, Navy, Pluto (a medium shade of blue), Clementine (golden yellow), Sienna (clay red), Jinx (black and yellow patten), Arlequine Crêpe De Chine (floral), Bibi Ciro Crêpe De Chine (snake design. Prices for the different color dresses range from $415-525. You can oder the Issa Slip Dress in Sage Green at

Bottom Row: Queen Contessa Full Length Crėpe De Chine Silk Kimono. According to the Olivia Von hassle website " Enjoy the unapologetic luxury of our sandwashed crêpe de Chine silk horse printed robe; fit for you, fit for a contessa. We like to layer this over a bikini as a statement summer piece, its voluminous proportions and light weight make it perfect for warmer weather.Price is $600. You can order this kimono at

Thread and Supply:I live in Thread and Supply Pants. The first time I tried on a pair of these high-quality and long-lasting sweatpants was when I took care of my grandmother (Gammy) after she fell. I was so obsessed with these comfy pants that Gammy said to get her some. So, I did. These are their Spring 2021 recommendation.

( A picture of Gammy and I during a walk after her fall where we are wearing the same Thread and Supply Pants).

The Kick Back Dress in Eucalyptus . Thread and Supply describes this dress as, " This effortless tee dress is perfect to wear any day of the week! Super comfy and relaxed fit. This long tee dress is made of organic cotton so you'll not only feel good in it - you'll feel good with our purchase! Wear alone or with a denim jacket!" Price is $48. This dress also comes in Ashler (light red clay color), Taupe-Marble (tie dye design), Noir Stripe (white base and narrow blue stripes), Olive Cameo, Taupe Cameo, Heather Gray, Vintage Black, Jam, and Thunder Gray. You can order this dress at

This mini series as been so much fun to write. I had the chance to connect with amazing brands and learn more about fashion trends. Please subscribe to this blog to learn more about fashion as a dive into new topics.


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