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Sweet Thinking: Why You Should Eat SmartSweets

(Image courtesy of SmartSweets.)

In today's world, many foods have unpronounceable ingredients. As much as chemical compounds whet my appetite, I prefer to know what I put into my body. It seems almost wishful thinking to believe a food company wants transparent communications with customers. SmartSweet is not wishful thinking; it's sweet thinking. The company is known for its delicious low-sugar products. I spoke with Maddie, Customer Experience Coordinator, to learn more about SmartSweets.

(Image courtesy of Made You Look music video by Meghan Trainor. (C) 2022 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. The image depicts Jojo Siwa and Meghan Trainor having a SmartSweets candy.)

1. What makes SmartSweets different from others companies?

Our pinky promise has always been- the delicious candy you know and love with no artificial sweeteners, added sugar, or sugar alcohols. Our Founder Tara started SmartSweets when she was 21 years old and recognized she wanted to change her relationship with candy, sparking her quest to kick the excess sugar out of candy - Kick Sugar, Keep Candy.

(Image courtesy of SmartSweets' Instagram.)

2. How does SmartSweets incorporate its mission and vision into its product offerings?

Everything is informed by our mission to Kick Sugar Keep Candy. We are committed to using nothing artificial, and our ingredients are non-GMO. As the food world evolves, we are constantly iterating, looking for new ways to offer you the best #KickSugar candy possible.

(Image courtesy of SmartSweets' Instagram.)

3. How does SmartSweets utilize nutritional studies in product development?

Innovation is in our DNA! We are committed to using the latest and greatest ingredients in our recipes and will continue to evolve with new candies and tweaks to existing formulations over time.

(Image courtesy of SmartSweets' Instagram.)


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