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The Alchemy of Ceramics: A Conversation With Ceramicah

(Image courtesy of Ceramicah.)

Ceramicah elevates the mundane into magic. When sitting at the throwing wheel or hand-building station, a potter takes the earth and transfigures the clay into functional art. It takes years of consistent practice for a potter to effortlessly "poof up" a symmetrical bowl, cup, etc. Ceramicah founders Micah Blyckert and Alexandra Cadiz unearthed the alchemy of ceramics. I had the chance to speak with Cadiz to learn more about the company.

(Image courtesy of Ceramicah. The image depicts Cermicah founders Micah Blyckert and Alexandra Cadiz.)

1. What makes Ceramicah different from other ceramics studios?

We think of ourselves as a hybrid between artist and product designer, always striving to achieve the simplest yet most effective forms. Micah started making ceramics in high school and fell in love with it so much that he got his own kiln off Craigslist and started selling his ceramics at local farmers' markets. His passion for the art of ceramics, combined with his formal training as an architect, allows him to think from many different perspectives and consider each element, from the details of a piece to its presence in space. His sketchbook is full of the same images drawn over and over at different scales, and our studio is stacked with prototypes alike. This consistency and precision, married with thoughtful proportions and organic finishes, make Ceramicah pieces one of a kind.

(Image courtesy of Ceramicah.)

2. Where do you draw inspiration from when crafting your pieces?

Most of our inspiration comes from our travels. One of our favorite things to do together is to explore new places, and we find that inspiration comes most naturally when we're away from our studio, taking a break from the daily grind. We both see the world through the lens of designers and are constantly paying attention to proportion, scale, form, and function. Whether it's the facade of a building we stumbled upon, the shape of a sconce in our hotel room, or the tableware at the restaurant we're dining at, we are always aware of how each small thing contributes to an overall experience.

(Image courtesy of Ceramicah. The image depicts the Shino Vessel Round.)

3. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your work?

We aim to create products that unite beauty with function and inspire joy in the everyday. We want our lamps to feel like sculptural pieces of art that also happen to provide light. Every detail goes into achieving this goal, from refined proportions pleasing to the eye, to textural finishes that beckon a touch, to a dimmer switch that glides smoothly and allows you to create your moody lighting. During the height of the pandemic, many of us experienced how much our homes and physical spaces can affect our mental health. So being intentional about the objects we surround ourselves with and use daily can significantly enhance our quality of life.

(Image courtesy of Ceramicah.)

4. What advice would you give to people beginning their ceramics journey?

Follow your gut. Pay attention to what you're naturally drawn to and lean into that. It's easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and compare, but try to focus on exploring what lights you up and learn to trust your process.

(Image courtesy of Ceramicah.)

5. What is the future of the studio?

Ceramicah has grown so much since its inception in 2020, and this is still just the beginning. We have many exciting things on the horizon this year, from hospitality projects featuring custom fixtures we designed to launching new collections, possible brand partnerships, and growing our small team. We are also excited to incorporate other materials, such as metal, glass, or stone, into future designs. Our dream is to have an even more significant presence in the design industry and eventually expand beyond lighting, never sacrificing our commitment to craft and quality.

(Image courtesy of Ceramicah.)


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