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The Highlight of Social Media: Handmade Highlights

(Image courtesy of Handmade Highlights)

Rachael Pisarcik ushered in a new era of Social Media Artwork. Her Company, Handmade Highlights, combines graphic design, pop culture, and digital media to create high-quality art pieces. You might have even seen her work grace the Instagrams and Walls of the Kardashian-Jenner Family. I had the chance to speak with her to learn more about Handmade Highlights.

(Image courtesy of Megan Gomez)

1. What does art mean to you?

To me, art is a way for us as individuals to express ourselves or emotions but also an outlet for taking time away from reality. Art of course is a large part of my profession but it’s something I cannot live without on a day to day basis. If I wasn’t doing this full time, I’d do it part time. If I wasn’t doing this part time, I’d do it as a hobby. To me, there’s no greater feeling than taking time to bring something into reality that has been only in existence in your mind- and even better, you get to share it with people to enjoy for themselves.

(Image courtesy of Handmade Highlights)

2. What was the inspiration behind your business?

The inspiration behind Handmade Highlights is making people feel beautiful and to also capture a moment in time for someone to have for forever. It’s a special part of people’s lives when they see a hand-done, completely custom one-of-a-kind piece of work made especially for them. It’s a unique way to hold a memory, an achievement, a relationship, close. With being influenced by fashion sketches, I created my top selling product “Babe Sketch”, where I can take each person and turn them into a character that remains true to themselves but also adding whimsical fun features to add a certain flair you may not get in most commissioned portraits.

(Image courtesy of Handmade Highlights)

3. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your work?

You can usually always tell my work when you see it. I have a unique way of staying on brand with myself as an artist, but capturing exactly what each client wants in their piece. I believe in staying authentic to yourself as an artist or a creator- that’s so important! It’s okay to say no to something that doesn’t feel right to you as the creator. When you create something that is special, you are able to keep to your own style and attract the right kind of customers that your brand can cater to. My clients are so beyond spectacular, I always have such phenomenal experiences with them that makes this profession extra special. I get to relive their wedding day, celebrate an anniversary, sketch their first childhood home, or get a family portrait where everyone’s looking at the camera, smiling, without someone blinking (haha!). I get to see their first pet, create a 1st birthday invite for their newborn, show their grandparent looking down from heaven, create a logo for their own business, establish a holiday card, or sketch their husband’s classic car. And that’s just a FEW different ideas I’ve worked with. It’s so amazing to be able to see the joy and happiness in people’s lives come together in artwork and see how create people get with their sketch. I have seen these used in so many ways shapes and forms that it makes me inspired, and I want every client to leave so satisfied with not just the artwork, but the relationship we create through this business.

(Image courtesy of Handmade Highlights)

4. Where can a person purchase your work?

I am also being featured on this upcoming December (Dec 10), just in time for the holidays! There I will have a gallery of pieces that are printed on canvas, each piece being limited edition!

(Image courtesy of Handmade Highlights)

5. What is the future of your business?

The future of Handmade Highlights is to spread more joy! I want to maintain our authenticity but expand with more sketches tailored to everyone. I am planning to launch Sport Sketches, a brand under Handmade Highlights that focuses on athletes- whether it’s a child’s sports team or someone’s favorite player (instagram: Sportsketchesofficial) This is a different style of art besides Babe Sketch, but it’s a way to take on a less feminine form of the sketches I do currently. Although it’s different, it’s still authentic to me as a creator. I want to expand and continue to grow as a business woman and artist, and take on more challenges to do everything I can with Handmade Highlights' potential.

(Image courtesy of Handmade Highlights)


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