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Through The Traveler's Looking Glass: Why You Should Stay At Villa Treville

(Image courtesy of Villa Treville's Instagram)

There are very few places where travelers feel like they have stepped through the looking glass. To achieve this surrealist level, a place must meet the following criteria: a cinematic location, rich history, gourmet food, and a warm atmosphere. The Villa Treville allows visitors to leave the bustling Amalfi coast and enter into an Italian Shangri-La. I had the chance to speak with Daniela B. to learn more about the property.

(Image courtesy of Villa Treville's Instagram)

1. Why should someone stay at Villa Treville?

Our property was once home to Franco Zeffirelli. Zeffirelli's contributions to cinema and the arts are seen through out the villa. We try to honor the property's past but embrace innovation with our sustainability efforts. The on-site farm is home to fruits, roots, herbs, extracts and essential oils used at our guest only restaurant and bar. As a guest, you can stay in one of twenty-two rooms and be one of fifty-four patrons that stay on property per night. When exploring the area, the property is home to breathtaking views of Positano and the Italian coast line. We are located 15 minutes (by foot) or 3 minutes (by complimentary shuttle boat ride) outside the bustling Positano streets.

(Image courtesy of Villa Treville's Instagram)

2. What are some sites in the area that everyone should visit?

Capri, Naples and Ravello are some areas everyone should see when visiting the Amalfi Coast.

(Image courtesy of Villa Treville's Instagram)

3. What is the future of tourism for the property and Italy?

A future with more consciousness regarding the environment, physical health, and mental wellness.

(Image courtesy of Villa Treville's Instagram)


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