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True Color: Why You Should Use Schmincke Finest Artistic Colors

(Image courtesy of Schmincke.)

The neurological and optical systems must work in synchronicity for a human to process a beam of light as a color. Since the dawn of humanity, humans have seen the colors in front of them. Reds, blues, greens, browns, and, for royalty, purple populated the world. Yet, this is no longer the case.

(Image courtesy of Shutter Stock.)

We live in an artificially saturated world. Any person can create an infinite number of color possibilities with the touch of a mouse or a push of a key. If the purpose of art is to reflect the world around us, then is society a prisoner to hypotheticals? When artists realize the power of using color from the real world, they use Schmincke Paint. For over 140 years, Schmincke has allowed artists like Oskar Kokoschka and Otto Dix to hold a mirror to society by creating masterful art. I had the chance to speak with Marcel Kohns, International Key Account Manager, to learn more about the company.

(Image courtesy of Schmincke. The image depicts Marcel Kohns.)

1. How is Schmincke different from other companies?

We are a 142-year-old family-owned business that creates high-quality watercolors, oil paint, acrylic paint, pastels, and more specialties. Since 1881, we have incorporated the company's motto of "Meliora Cogito", a Latin phrase which translate to, "I strive for the best" into every pigment, binder, and, eventually, color we produce. We care for our workers, suppliers, and partners while striving toward CO2 neutrality.

(Image courtesy of Schmincke.)

2. How does Schmincke promote artistic expression?

Since our founding, Schmincke has provided an artist with the tools for artistic expression. We focus on creating the highest quality color in all of your products. Our premium oil paints (Mussini and Norma Professional) take approximately three to four months to ripen before it's ready for customer use. To create our famous Horadam watercolors, the four stage liquid pouring process can last up to four months to ensure the highest/maximum yield of pigment.

(Image courtesy of Schmincke.)

3, What are the quintessential Schmincke products?

Our 40+40 Horadam watercolors are available in more than seventy countries. The unique Mussini resin-oil paint, named after Cesare Mussini, is our first product since 1889 and we continue to produce it. The extra-soft pastels contain the highest possible amount of purest pigment in a manufacture production process in the hand-labeled and packed form. In 2023, Creative World in Frankfurt awarded our Liquid Charcoal, made from burnt natural fruit seeds, as the most sustainable product. The judge is an assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence Italy.

(Image courtesy of Schmincke.)

(Image courtesy of Schmincke.)

4. What is the future of the company?

We strive to create high-quality products formed from eco-sustainable practices. We will continue to combine our traditional values and modern machinery to create the best possible painting products.

(Images courtesy of Schmincke.)


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