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Why You Should Go to Seychelles

(Image courtesy of Shutter-stock. Image shows The famous beach, Source d'Argent at La Digue Island, Seychelles)

Seychelles is paradise on Earth. At the beginning of the blog process, I had the opportunity to speak with David Germain The Regional Director of The Seychelles Tourism Board for African and the Americas. to learn more about this paradise.

(Image courtesy of Shutter-stock. Image depicts Mahe Island, Seychelles - Romantic cozy hammock in the shadow of the palm on the tropical beach by the sea)

1. Why should someone visit Seychelles?

It's the most beautiful place on Earth. It's got a lot of unique attractions. It's a very desirable place to visit and to live as well. Seychelles is a place where you can be as close to nature as possible. It is not a shopping destination. It's a place where people go to, to relax, they go to unwind. It's a very serene destination, where you go to be yourselves, and you can go on an adventure. We have amicable people, an excellent climate, and a population of 95,000 people only. Everybody speaks English and French. Tourism is our primary industry. And it's summer, only around 24 to 25 degrees centigrade, 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round. Any winter or any spring autumn whatsoever in Seychelles. COVID-19 is under control in Seychelles. By the way, we are the only country globally, the first rather the first country in the world that has vaccinated its population. The number one country currently in the world that has reached herd immunity and has vaccinated 75% of our population has a revelation of 95,000 people.

(Image Courtesy of Shutterstock. Image shows Seychelles Tropical Island Praslin with white beach and tropical palm trees, Drone aerial view over Seychelles)

2. How has the country adapted is in the face of COVID-19?

We reacted very quickly when it first happened in March 2020 around our area in the Indian Ocean. We responded very soon because, as I mentioned earlier, tourism is our primary industry that touches the lives of everyone. And the government decided to close down the whole country, which was rather tricky because we depend on it in many ways. But at the end of the day, it was very much worth it. The destination closed for about two months. And then, we put all the measures in place, all the protocols, guidelines, and all the establishment certified. And then slowly, we started reopening and adjusting wherever necessary. And in the end, we feel very confident now that we are opening in a very responsible way. We've continued to monitor the situation daily. We are affiliated with the World Health Organization, and we follow their guidelines and adjust accordingly whenever necessary.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Image shows a Seychelles giant tortoise - wildlife, smiling happy turtle)

3. Where are the top sites that anyone who where do they have to visit?

Usually we are an archipelago of 115 Islands. People usually visit the three main islands of the Seychelles. And visiting these three islands in one week, you will be able to get a perfect understanding of what the island is all about.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Image depicts the Beach at Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles)

4. How combine everyone's cultures into the national identity?

Seychelles is the uninhabited, visited by pirates from Portugal, Portuguese pirates, Arab pirates, and then came the slave trade. And Seychelles had slipped slave stations in Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar, and the other islands. So I would say that our population came from the freed slaves of the island. That's one part of it. But from the other part of it is that the French discovered the island in the 1770s. During that time, the French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese sailed the world to look for properties to acquire land and countries. We have been under colonization for 250 years until we obtained our independence from Britain in 1976. So we have a young nation over 250 years old.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Images displays the Seychelles flag isolated on sky background with clipping path. close up waving flag of Seychelles. flag symbols of Seychelles.)

5. Describe your national cuisine?

We have some beautiful cuisine utilizing a lot to do with spices and fish. Curry, for example, is cooked in many ways. We have lovely fish curry with coconut milk and cinnamon leaves and vanilla with always a little bit of chili a slight drop of chili in there; we eat quite spicy richer. But we cook in many ways. We have a lot of seafood in Seychelles in abundance.

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6. How has conservation efforts impacted tourism?

Seychelles is a leader in conservation worldwide 63% of our land and sea is under protection. Wow. As small an island state as our government and people of Seychelles has given 63% of our land and ocean combined to nature conservation. In Seychelles, you're not allowed to kill a dolphin nor turtle, spearfishing, or pick up live shells on the beach. Our goal is to leave the archipelago as it was before human beings are settled on the islands. The United Nations uses Seychelles as an example of a successful small island state with a 100% record of conservation.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Image shows a coral reef with turtle underwater in Indian ocean.)


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