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Women Who Empower: How Les Femmes Creates A Supportive Environment

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Becoming an adult does not happen overnight. At eighteen or twenty-five, a person does not magically gain the wisdom and tools needed to have a productive and successful life. In the era of filters and AI, people are becoming blinded by the (high)light. So, where do the edits end and reality begin?

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Anthropologists argue when did homo sapiens become humans? What created the first dawn of humanity? In the, To Whom Does Culture Belong To? authors Mary C. Stiner and Steven L. Kuhn argue that " culture redefined the character of the evolutionary process in humans, allowing us to leap across adaptive thresholds quickly and efficiently" (Calcango &Fuentes, 2011).

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We are experiencing a culture shift as many people become more open about their mental health. As we gain comfort in discussing topics previously reserved for the therapist coach, a person must learn how to navigate the subtleties of this hypocritical culture. After all, isn't it easy to be vulnerable when everything in your life is going exactly how you want it?

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So, where can you go to find support and make friends? I have the answer. My friends Coralie Morin and Brittany Stevens created an empowering space called Les Femmes Support. You can make new friends and learn more about how and why your mind operates on a random Floridian beach's shores. I had the chance to speak with Brittany to learn more about Les Femmes.

(Image courtesy of Les Femmes. The image depicts Brittany Stevens (left) and Coralie Morin (right).)

1. What was the inspiration behind this group?

Coralie and I have a passion for mental health and wellness, which is part of what led us to study clinical social work. While interning as graduate students, we noticed there was a demand in our community for therapeutic resources that are simplified and affordable. We created Les Femmes as a way to provide education on what therapy actually is, while teaching and discussing a variety of therapeutic concepts. Our goal is to help more people feel comfortable seeking clinical support, and minimize the stigma associated with therapy.

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2. How does Les Femmes create a safe space?

Creating a safe space in therapeutic support groups requires a variety of techniques. Les Femmes tries to create a safe space by reviewing limits to confidentiality prior to every group. We provide education on the risks associated with support groups, and the ladies are always for it. They are there because they really want to provide support and feel supported in return. We like to say, “What is said in the group, stays in the group.” Another way we like to create a safe space is by trying our best to make everyone feel heard. Our ladies always have opportunities to share what’s on their minds, but also provide support to their peers.

(Image courtesy of Les Femmes.)

3. How does Les Femmes incorporate its mission and vision into its events?

Our mission is to spread awareness about ways to manage mental health in a safe and supportive environment. The way we do that is by allowing the group members to be a part of deciding which topics we will discuss and allowing them to steer the conversation. Although we are facilitating the group, the hour is theirs to speak freely and listen and share without judgment.

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4. What are some ways people can set time for mental health and wellness?

We recommend that you tend to your mental health in any way that works for you. This means incorporating wellness activities into daily activities. For example, if you have to clean your home, listen to your favorite music, and dance around while you do so. If you’re waiting in line to pick up your children from school, listen to a mental health podcast. If you’re ordering lunch at work, opt for water instead of soda. Incremental changes to your daily routine are really how you will stick to new habits and see progress over time.

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5. What is the future of Les Femmes?

We have received positive feedback from members encouraging us to increase the frequency of our groups each month and even expand to different populations. We are considering that. At this time, though, we are working on growing our presence to reach as many women as possible.

(Image courtesy of Les Femmes.)

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Brittany Stevens
Brittany Stevens
Mar 02, 2023

Thank you for this beautiful article!

Me on my first day of graduate school

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