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Back To Purity: Why You Should Drink Ophora Water

(Image courtesy of Ophora Water.)

One of the first things people learn is chemistry is the formula for water. 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen equals one water molecule. In today's world, there are many additional ingredients in water. Ophora Water strips impurities to give customers the chemistry definition of what water should be. I had the chance to speak with Nick to learn more about why you should drink Ophora Water.

(Image courtesy of Ophora Water.)

1. What makes Ophora different from other waters?

Ophora uses robust purification and patented technology to produce nano-pure water free of any and all contaminants, including (but not limited to) micro/nano plastics, heavy metals, chlorine, ammonia, pharmaceuticals, hormones, and more. There are over 30,000 known contaminants found in municipal water sources today. Ophora naturally remineralizes the purified water to achieve trace mineral content and a healthy, balanced pH of 8.0-8.5. Ophora water is re-structured using vortexing and the energetics of rose quartz crystal. Unlike any other water on the market, Ophora water contains 40+ ppm of dissolved oxygen which is absorbed into the body on a molecular level to support many aspects of health, wellness, and recovery optimization. Ophora water is bottled exclusively in glass to maintain purity and eliminate the detriment of single-use plastics.

(Image courtesy of Ophora Water.)

2. How does Ophora promote water conservation and sustainability efforts?

We use eco-friendly packaging and glass bottles and contribute to 1% of the planet annually to organizations emphasizing clean water and clearing plastics from the ocean.

(Image courtesy of Ophora Water.)

3. Why should a customer buy your water?

Ophora water is truly functional water that is assuredly free from harmful chemicals (including chemicals found in plastic bottles from packaging). Our hyper-oxygenation process promotes more effective athletic recovery times, structured water promotes more efficient intra-cellular hydration, and Ophora has won 3 gold medals at the Berkely Springs International Wate Tasting Competition for the best-tasting purified water.

(Image courtesy of Ophora Water.)

4. What is the future of the company?

We are always looking towards utilizing the best technology to optimize our unique and powerful water. We plan to continue our mission to support eco-friendly initiatives and holistic health and wellness. We also produce top-tier one-of-a-kind whole-home water purification and enhancement systems for clean, pure, chemical-free water for showering, bathing, and cooking.

(Image courtesy of Ophora Water.)


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