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Design Thinking: Marguerite Tenot

(Image courtesy of Marguerite Tenot.)

In Graduate School, one of the buzzwords professors love to discuss is "Design Thinking." Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding (Dam and Siang). Design Thinking enables a company to understand consumer needs to serve their audience better. For this project, I contacted different companies to learn how the organizations apply Design Thinking to their market offerings. I spoke with Marguerite Tenot to learn more about her company.

(Image courtesy of Marguerite Tenot.)

1. What makes Marguerite Tenot different from others on the market?

The brand consistently promotes transparency from product inception through production competition. We focus on both ready-to-wear and haute-couture items. So, our customers range from young professionals looking for affordable designer pieces to people wanted a one-of-a-kind piece. Our communication efforts allow us to build and maintain relationships with our current and potential audiences.

(Image courtesy of Marguerite Tenot.)

2. How does Marguerite Tenot incorporate its mission and vision into its product offerings?

My mission is to create high-quality eco-responsible clothing. When someone buys one of our garments, there is a label describing the garment's production journey.

(Image courtesy of Marguerite Tenot.)

A designer's role is to create their universe through their products. In my company, we measure a designer's success when an audience can recognize their creation without seeing their name or logo on the product. My vision is to continue to build my identity as my work evolves.

(Image courtesy of Marguerite Tenot.)

3. Where do you find your design inspirations?

At Marguerite Tenot, the company has multiple references when creating our collections. I draw inspiration from art history (Neo-Classicism, Italian Renaissance, and Medieval times.). Nature plays a significant role in a product's color choice, finishing (matte or glossy), and textile texture.

(Image courtesy of Marguerite Tenot.)

4. What is the future of your company?

I would love to continue to grow as a designer and business. I would love to expand the team and evolve as a designer.

(Image courtesy of Marguerite Tenot.)


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