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Dream Ad: Dunkin with the Greats

(Image of Lebron James courtesy of Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Image. Image source is )

Everyone in the Advertising/Public Relations world wants to make the campaign-- which becomes the benchmark of that generation. In 1971, it was Coca-Cola’s "I'd Like to Buy The World a Coke." In 1984, it was Apple's Macintosh Ad. In 2022, it could be this; Space Jam: The Legacy meets Dunkin.

Scene 1: Lebron James wakes up as his alarm goes off. He takes off this night mask and he throws it into the laundry hamper, but he misses.

Scene 2: Lebron is getting ready for the day. He gets the wrong colored sock and try to throw it into the the drawer, but he misses. He realizes that something isn't right.He leaves his apartment to go to a meeting.

Scene 3: As Lebron walks in NYC. he misses his shot as he waits a second too long to walk across the street or bumping to "random" people such as Larry Bird instead of dodging random people.

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Scene 4: Lebron says, Something isn't right. He is worried. He then says, " I must be really tired, I need a cup of coffee."

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Scene 5: Lebron goes into a Dunkin Donuts. The person who takes his order his Michael Jordan. James orders the drink that corresponds to the new Looney Tunes Movie Space Jam staring James, and Jordan says, " It's on the house man. You look like you need some help."

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Scene 6: Lebron drinks his frap and when he throws it away he gets into the recycle.

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Scene 7: In his meeting, Lebron finishes his presentation by throwing a paper ball into a recycle and gets his in. As he leaves his meeting, he dodges another basketball player Shaq who is also having an off day (similar to Lebron's predicament and then walks into Dunkin to order the same thing). Lebron ends it with America runs on Dunkin.

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