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Dream Ad: Red (Land) Rover

(Logo courtesy of Land Rover.)

Everyone in the Advertising/Public Relations world wants to make the campaign-- that becomes the benchmark for that generation. In 1971 it was Coca-Cola’s "I'd Like to Buy The World a Coke." In 1984, it was Apple's Macintosh Ad. In 2023, it could be this: Red (Land) Rover.

(Image courtesy of

Scene 1: An ariel shot over the English moors before sunrise. As the dawn breaks, the camera focuses on a Brontë like manor. Inside the house, Idris Elba (in a tuxedo) begins to descend the grand staircase. As Elba starts walking down the stairs, he begins to whistle the Red Rover tune as he undoes his bowtie.

(Image courtesy of Getty.)

Scene 2: As Elba begins to whistle the tune, the red land rover begins to cross Wuthering Heights-like scenery as it crosses foggy West Yorkshires. As the car pulls into a manor which is called Wuthering Heights, Elba says Red Rover, Red Rover, send the Ranger Rover over.

(Image courtesy of Rod Burkey. )

Scene 3: As Elba leaves Wuthering Heights, he gets into his 2024 Red Range Rover and drives off into the sunrise.

(Image courtesy of Daniel Rao via Istock images.)


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