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Dream Ad: The Time of the Month with Bark Box

(Logo courtesy of Bark Box)

Everyone in the Advertising/Public Relations world wants to make the campaign-- which become the benchmark for that generation. In 1971, it was Coca-Cola’s "I'd Like to Buy The World a Coke." In 1984, it was Apple's Macintosh Ad. In 2022, it could be this: Time of the Month with Bark Box.

(Photo courtesy of Bark Box)

Scene 1: A montage shows different women ranging in age sitting on an assortment of coaches to discuss the time of the month.

(Gif courtesy of Wix)

Scene 2: A off-camera interviewer asks how long have you gotten it?

(Gif courtesy of Wix)

Scene 3: Some women say I just got mine; others say they have consistently gotten theirs for years.

(Gif courtesy of Wix)

Scene 4: The interviewer then asks if it comes early, on-time or late?

(Gif courtesy of Wix)

Scene 5: The women happily say early.

(Gif courtesy of Wix)

Scene 6: The interview asks the final question: How does your family feel during the time of the month?

(Gif courtesy of Wix)

Scene 7: The participants answer with their dogs (different breeds and ages) as they open this month's bark box and discuss how their pups look forward to the time of the month.

(Gif courtesy of Wix)


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