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Izzy Zero Waste Beauty Is Revolutionizing Clean Beauty

(Image courtesy of Izzy Zero Waste Beauty)

Izzy Zero Waste Beauty is leading the clean beauty revolution. As key stakeholder groups become increasingly aware of the environmental and health costs of products, Shannon Goldberg and her company Izzy Zero Waste Beauty created a company that produces high-quality products that have set a new standard for clean beauty. I had the chance to speak with Shannon to learn more about Izzy Zero Waste Beauty.

(Image courtesy of Izzy Zero Waste Beauty. Image depicts founder Shannon Goldberg)

1. What was the inspiration for the creation of Izzy Zero Waste Beauty?

I came across an article at the beginning of the Pandemic that cited, "The cosmetic industry produces over 120 Billion pieces of unrecyclable plastic a year." At that moment, I realized I had been guilty of sleep walking throughout my career in beauty marketing. I never once thought about my plastic waste or carbon footprint, but knew I was in a position of power to drive meaningful change. Knowing that the world was already headed down a more sustainable path, I challenged myself to imagine a brand that checked all the boxes:

Zero Waste

Closed Loop

Carbon Neutral


Cruelty Free


More than creating a product, I wanted to go beyond the current clean beauty movement, and execute a brand that was equally as clean for the environment.

(Image courtesy of Izzy Zero Waste Beauty.)

2. What makes Izzy Zero Waste Beauty different from other products on the market?

Izzy is packaged in medical grade stainless steel, which has the ability to be washed and refilled up to 10K times. That means, Izzy mascara can last 2500 years, and is the 1st generational component in the market. Even our plastic wands, brushes and wipers are collected back and melted down to their original resin for reuse. You'll also notice that we don't use plastic labels or any outer packaging. All marketing facts and directions can be found on QR codes on the bottom of our components. Izzy Zero Waste Mascara is 100% recyclable, 100% reusable and certified carbon neutral. Our entire supply chain is closed loop and takes place within a 400 mile radius-- that's one tank of gas, and the smallest carbon footprint of any mascara in the world. But most importantly, we are performance driven. Not only is Izzy clean, cruelty free and vegan friendly, the formula works! 98% of users agree that our mascara stacks up to competing prestige mascaras in the market.

(Image courtesy of Izzy Zero Waste Beauty.)

3. How does Izzy Zero Waste Beauty incorporate its mission and vision into its product offering?

In order to ensure consistency within the brand and future product offerings, all line extensions will follow the same development process and supply chain as our mascara. Keeping zero waste and minimalism in mind, we aim to produce a brand of curated beauty essentials across the color and skin care categories. Now that the spec has been successfully created for our zero waste mascara, we have a clear guide to follow moving forward. As sustainable efforts evolve and clean formula technology advances, Izzy will be at the forefront of that innovation.

(Image courtesy of Izzy Zero Waste Beauty.)

4. What is the future of the company?

Izzy will not only expand it's offering from a mascara to a full line of zero waste beauty essentials, but we will also see retail expansion begin to roll out. While consumer demand continues to drive more sustainable product options, we'll plan to coordinate our brand landscape to meet those needs.

As Izzy expands globally in the next 1-3 years, we have agreed to provide a unique supply chain to each country-- touting the same 400 mile radius. Above all, my sincerest hope is that the beauty industry follows Izzy's lead. We all need to take a step back, slow down and be more mindful of how our actions today impact future generations. Now is the time for change, and I truly believe that our collective actions and voices will spur the creation of more like-minded brands and product solutions.

(Image courtesy of Izzy Zero Waste Beauty.)


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