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More Than Skin Deep: A Conversation With Mary Allan

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

During the Renaissance, an artist needed to have a blank canvas. In the era before mass production, the artist would have their apprentices remove any "imperfections" to ensure a workable surface. The act of creating a canvas became an art form. But, the "imperfections" are what made the masterpieces priceless. Leonardo DaVinci painted The Mona Lisa on a wooden slab. When the painting was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, investigators used wooden splitters to help authenticate the actual artwork from the myriad of copies.

(Image is in the public domain. The image depicts Portrait of Mona Lisa del Giocondo by Leonardo Da Vinci.)

A person's skin is similar to a Renaissance masterpiece. The skin is a person's canvas and the body's largest organ. It protects the body's systems from both the outside world and internal mechanisms. To understand how to best care for your skin, you need to know why and how your skin operates. Furthermore, skincare products should empower people to love their skin.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

Mary Allan is the DaVinci of skincare. In her many years working in the skincare world, she continues to go beyond for her customers, industry, and planet. I had the chance to speak with her to learn more about her company Mary Allan Skincare.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

1. How is Mary Allan Skincare different from other companies?

For over ten years, I have created products. When I launched this collection five years ago, I knew that our company's values make us different from other brands. Mary Allan Skincare's values translate into every stage of the production process.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

I formulate the products, select the ingredients, and create connections with our customers. Suze Orman gave me great insight when she said, " build this business one customer at a time like you always had." Orman's words continue to resonate as we approach customers based on values instead of demographics. The skincare market continues to overflood, but Mary Allan Skincare realizes that our community differentiates us from other companies. Our shared community values differentiate us from other companies.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

I like to deliver the very best products to help people achieve their best skin for whatever is for them. Skincare is another element of a good lifestyle that allows a person to feel whole.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

I choose exceptional ingredients that are going to be exceptional for the skin. - Mary Allan

2. How does Mary Allan Skincare define "clean"?

We define clean as the holistic approach of constantly considering our products' impact on sustainability initiatives, animal welfare, and worker conditions.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

3. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating your products?

Traveling and nature always inspire me. I love how flowers from all over the world can uplift a person's mood and energy. Whenever I go somewhere and see a truly unique ingredient or ideology, I will begin to research how I could incorporate it into my products.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

4. How do you incorporate your mission and your vision into your products and your company?

My mission is to incorporate my company's values into every step of my product's journey, from ingredient selection to manufacturing the products to selecting sustainable packaging. My vision is to continue to provide excellent products and give back to the community through initiatives like helping Californian forests replant their tree populations.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

5. What advice would you give to students and young professionals who want to enter this realm?

The best advice I give is to be prepared to do things you're not going to enjoy to one day do what you love.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare.)

6. What is the future of the company?

I want to continue to produce excellent products and empower other artisans and artists by showcasing their work on my website.

(Image courtesy of Mary Allan Skincare)


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