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My Dream Ad: Peloton

Everyone in the Advertising/Public Relations world wants to make the campaign-- which become the benchmark of that generation. In 1971, it was Coca-Cola’s "I'd Like to Buy The World a Coke." In 1984, it was Apple's Macintosh Ad. In 2021, it could be this; Peloton meets HBO's Sex and the City.

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Opening Scene: Carrie Bradshaw is narrating how New York has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. She types on her computer. As there is a b-roll of NYC empty streets, empty Broadway stages, no one in Time Square, Bradshaw narrates, "I never thought that one day masks would be fashionable anytime other than October 31. As I look around New York, I know that the city is not dead. Rather it is metaphorizing into an even better place to live." Her alarm on her phone goes off to the Sex and The City theme song and reminds her she has a meeting in 5 minutes. She says, "Ah shit," and runs to her closet to change.

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Scene 2: The scene cuts to Charlotte York- Goldenblatt running to get her Peloton bike to her proper height to workout saying, "Mommy needs her time away for you all. Don't worry, Mommy loves you with all her heart, but self-care is self-preservation." Her daughter Lily says, "Mom, why are you talking in the third person again?" Her other daughter Rose asks Lily, "Since when has mom become so woke that she uses the phrase self-care." Charlotte says, "Sweetheart, I have always been (she uses air quotes) woke." Besides, I need you, girls, to go to Russ and Daughters and get brunch for your bubbie (the Yiddish term for grandmother)." The girls say bye and begin to leave. Harry enters. Harry says, "Honey, we now alone. It's time to fulfill our biblical obligations." Charlotte says, "Tonight we will, but right now, I need to get ready."

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Scene 3: The next scene is Samantha Jones under the covers with Bachelorette Finalist Tyler Cameron. Her alarm goes off and says, "Honey, I have to do another workout; I'll be back." Tyler then watches her leave the room.

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Scene 4: We see Miranda Hobbes's desk. There is a shot of her business cards, which says Hobbes and Associates law firm. She is dictating her case notes and then gets a notification on her computer that she has 5 minutes. She then starts to finish her work, as Steve walks in, asking, "Miranda, are we visiting Brady and his boyfriend tonight in Queens?” Miranda says, "Yes, we are with Magda, so I have to go now to be ready on time."

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Scene 5: All the women are on the bikes; the class is about to begin. Atony Marantino begins the spin class (he is the instructor saying) “Hello all, I know we were expecting the roaring 20s, but we got the meowing 20s instead. So, let's channel all of our negativity into a fantastic workout.” As Shaina Twain's Man, I Feel Like A Woman begins, we see Samantha say, “Let's Go, Girls.”

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Scene 6: As the class progress, Miranda says, "Charlotte, stop high fiving me every 5 seconds.” Charlotte says, "I can do this. I can do this." Carrie says, "Who misspeller2000, and how is she beating me right now?" MissSpeller2020 is Natasha (Big's ex), and she is riding on her Peloton in Miami next to Smith Jared.

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Scene 7: The work out finishing up. The last song is I am Woman by Helen Reddy. Samantha sings, "I am women; hear me, roar." Charlotte says, 'I am invincible." Miranda says, "I am strong." Carrie says, "I am woman." The workout ends. The girls facetime each other, and Samantha says, we have to do this again tomorrow. Tyler says, "I am so glad you say that because I thought we had an amazing connection." Then Samantha lifts her hair to show her air pods. They all laugh and say goodbye. Carrie yells, "Hey Big, I'm buying the Peloton Tread now." The screen goes black, and Helen Reddy singing I Am Woman.

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