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New Artistic Direction: How Taylor Alber Uses TikTok

(Image courtesy of Taylor Alber)

Art and Tik-Tok have a lot in common. At their core, both platforms promote meritocracy, evolution, and innovation. In addition, both require the creator to grab their audience's attention instantaneously. I am on social media a lot. I go onto TikTok, Instagram, etc., to explore potential blog subjects, keep up with friends, and discover new coffee stops. There are certain things I look for in a potential blog subject: ingenuity, distinctiveness, and high quality. Taylor Alber's TikTok account encompasses those values as she educates viewers on the art world. I had the chance to talk with her to learn more about her journey.

(Image courtesy of Taylor Alber)

1.What made you interested in art?

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a strong interest in art. I grew up thinking I wanted to be an artist myself, but instead I ended up studying art history in both undergrad and graduate schools. What always made me interested in the subject, is that I feel it's something that everyone can enjoy and have access to. Art can be used as a tool for education, self expression and therapy. Everyone can find something in or about art that resonates with them!

(Image courtesy of Taylor Alber)

2. How did your past experiences enable you to create your current career?

I studied Art History in college at The George Washington University and then moved to London to complete my Masters at Sotheby’s in Art Business. After working in a handful of NYC galleries, in social media roles, I then moved to a Public Relations firm. Seeing the impact and evolution of TikTok while working in the communications industry, inspired me to begin my Museum TikTok account. Having that background in both the arts and social media definitely enabled me to create art-related content on the growing platform of TikTok. It’s something that just started as fun but has slowly grown into a full time career.

(Image courtesy of Taylor Alber)

3.What makes your TikTok account different from other accounts?

I think what sets MuseumTikTok apart from other accounts is that it highlights exhibits, shows and artists in a different and more organic way. From showing aesthetics at different angles to making it more fun and easy for those who don’t necessarily know much about art.

(Image courtesy of Taylor Alber)

4. What advice would you give to students and young professionals who want to become content creators?

I’m pretty new to being a content creator - So I would say just start creating whatever you want and what you want to put out into the world! Don’t think too much about it and create whatever you feel is right. I had no intention of becoming a content creator at all but if you are able to turn a hobby or interest into a career I say just go for it.

(Image courtesy of Taylor Alber)

5. What are some skills you developed as you began your content career journey?

I really had no idea how to use or create a TikTok prior to the start of the account. I had to ask my best friend, who is also a content creator, to teach me how to use the platform and other video editing apps. You really have to stay on top of trends, different sounds and programs to be able to keep up with TikTok. Everyday a new type of video or sound is trending. So I think staying on top of all of that and doing my research was something I really had to work on.

(Image courtesy of Taylor Alber)


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