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The Next Frontier: How AMAN is Entering New Commercial Spaces

(Image courtesy of AMAN properties)

As a travel enthusiast, AMAN properties have always been my El Dorado. AMAN's services, properties, and experiences elevate the brand to almost mystical proportions. As a one-day hopeful pilgrim to the hospitality world's cities of gold, I can visit AMAN's thirty-three hotels and resorts across the globe.

(Video courtesy of AMAN properties)

In graduate school, I have learned about brand equity. Brand equity means" a value premium that a company generates from a product with a recognizable name when compared to a generic equivalent. Companies can create brand equity for their products by making them memorable, easily recognizable, and superior in quality and reliability (Hayes,2021)." Thus, when a brand moves from one sector to another, it could be a gamble. Diversifying product offerings is not an easy feat; as a brand would need to provide the same caliber of service and or product to succeed. Successful brand equity across multiple sectors is an almost magical accomplishment. AMAN has accomplished this branding alchemy.

(Image courtesy of AMAN properties)

In 2021, AMAN launched The Essentials This clothing collection combined Italian craftsmanship and manufacturing to take AMAN's brand offering to the next level. Inspired by the geography of its properties, the company created a versatile clothing collection composed of activewear, loungewear, and knit pieces. As a consumer, I love that AMAN partnered with local artisans from across the globe to create pieces that represent each area where the artisan works and lives. The color palette is a testament to this. According to AMAN, the color palette is evocative of " warm terracotta capturing the vibrancy of Amanjena, Marrakech, sea blue and deep green celebrating the azure seas and olive groves of Amanzoe, Greece and warm yellow celebrating the desert landscapes of Amangiri, USA."

(Image courtesy of AMAN properties)

Creating The Essentials has been an inspiring journey that has allowed us to collaborate with some of the most experienced design professionals in the industry and work with some exceptional artisans to select the very best materials. We hope our guests will see the expression of the Aman brand in each and every piece and we couldn’t be more excited to take the Aman retail experience to the next level.- Kristina Romanova, Director of Product Development

I look forward to one day wearing products from The Essentials Collections, as I will journey to real life El Dorados (AMAN properties)

(Image courtesy of AMAN properties)


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