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Picture This: The Best Places To Take Instagrams In Raleigh Part 1

(Image courtesy of Sola Coffee's Facebook)

I have to admit something: when planning a trip, I look for places to take Instagrams. I scour through official city tourism websites to travel blogs. Since moving to North Carolina, I can say with some confidence that I have found some hidden gems in the Raleigh that can elevate your Instagram from novice tourist to enthusiastic local.

Raleigh: This urban sprawl takes visitors and locals across the past, present, and future of the state. Raleigh is divided into seven areas. Today I am going to tell you some hidden gems in the Beltline, Midtown and North Raleigh neighborhoods. Each area has its distinct history and atmosphere that adds a new dimension to the City of Oaks.

Beltline: The Beltline is the heart of Raleigh, and the name Beltline refers to an interstate highway that encompasses this area of the city (North Carolina Department of Transportation, 2016). Yellow Dog Bread Co. and The Oaks and Spokes Mural are great additions to anyone's Instagrams.

Yellow Dog Bread Co. is a local hotspot. This bakery is the home of fresh bread, scrumptious pastries, and strong coffee. Below are some pictures of the bakery!

(Image 1 courtesy of my instagram. Image taken by Madison Cubbage , Image 2&3 are courtesy of Yellow Dog Bread Co.'s Instagram)

The Oaks and Spokes Mural (circa 2018) can be found at 319 W Davie St

Raleigh, NC 27601. This mural was painted to commemorate the first annual bike festival in 2018 (Downtown Raleigh Alliance, 2021).

Midtown : Midtown is composed of four shopping areas (North Hills, Crabtree Valley, Village District and the Five Points) (Visit Raleigh, 2021). When in Midtown, Rosewater Kitchen& Bar and Rialto Theatre will make you next Instagrams pop!

Rosewater Kitchen and Bar is an American kitchen inspired by European cuisine. When you walk into this restaurant, you feel transported to a metropolitan European city.

(Image 1 courtesy of my instagram. Image taken by Madison Cubbage , Image 2&3 are Rosewater Kitchen & Bar's Instagram account)

Rialto Theatre allows people to timetravel to the Golden Age of Cinema. This cash only movie theather allows guest to see foreign and indepdent films not seen in many cinemas in the area.

(Image courtesy of Rialto Theatre's Facebook page)

North: North Raleigh is home to some of my favorite areas in the Triangle. You should explore Lafayette Village and Sola Coffee House.

Lafayette Village is no ordinary shopping plaza. It's French architecture makes you feel that you are in the South of France, rather than on the South exit of the highway. This is the home to Oliver's Groomer WoofinWaggle and great coffee at Jubala.

(Images courtesy of Lafayette Village's Instagram account)

Sola Coffee is my home away from home in North Carolina. Its warm staff, delicious food and signature blended coffee makes it a must do when you visit the area. For more information about Sola, please go to my Hidden Gems: Sola Coffee for more information.

(Image 1 courtesy of my instagram. Image taken by Madison Cubbage , Image 2&3 are courtesy of Sola's Instagram.)


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