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Strong as a Mother: A Conversation with Arnit Demesin

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Arnit Demesmin is the embodiment of a coach. I have known Demesmin for almost a decade. In that time, I have seen her coach students through the rigorous standardized testing and college application process, build her business Neat Mind and Body and create a life for herself with her husband James Demesmin and her new daughter Kobi. What differentiates Arnit from other trainers is quite simple: she strives to better her clientele' physical and mental health. She mastered the balance between pushing clients to their personal best but not overexerting themselves. I had the chance to speak to Demesmin about her life as a new mom and her business Neat Mind and Body.

1. How has COVID-19 changed your life?

COVID-19 was a life changer because that's when I found out I was pregnant. So, I had to really change my mindset on everything. I transformed my small in-person business to entirely online. Business-wise I took a big hit; personally, it was a great year.

(Image courtesy of @neatmindbody instagram)

2.How has 2020 shaped the way you view motherhood?

I don't think you need to have been a pandemic to have this view of motherhood. I think it just comes when you become a mom. Your soul, mind, and body belong to your child. Your child is everything. The pandemic made me realize that I need to hustle to make a living for my daughter.

(Image courtesy of @neatmindbody instagram)

3.What was your career before Neat Mind and Body?

I actually went to law school thinking I wanted to be a lawyer, but I dropped out and came home. I worked as an office director at a college advising study center. As the office director, I scheduled student classes and meetings with the college advisor. After that job, I began to concentrate on my training, and I got hired as a social media director at a sports supplement company. Going from office director to social media director was a whole new ballgame. I started that job when Instagram and Facebook were beginning to become widely used. No one knew the science behind it. As the social media director, I started working with different athletes and posting about them using our product. I left that job to concentrate on personal training and started full-time with my business Neat Mind and Body.

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4. How do your previous career lessons translate to your business?

My other jobs taught me the necessary skills to create and sustain my business. As an office director, I learned about finances and customer relations. In the fitness world, many people start their own companies and do not understand how finance impacts the way they sustain their business. The other big takeaway being an office manager is knowing how to sell a program. In both the fitness and commercial world, you have to sell your products or services to your customer. My social media director job taught me the inner workings of social media and how to make a product seem customer-friendly.

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5. What is the future of Neat Mind and Body?

I created the Strong as a Mother program. This program educates women about the benefits of exercise during and post-pregnancy. It allows women at all stages of motherhood (expecting, new, etc.) to have a great workout, meet fellow moms, and begin to socialize their babies in a safe environment.

Image courtesy of @neatmindbody instagram)

Thank you Arnit for a great interview. I encourage everyone to reach out to Arnit for any questions about her company. Contact her at


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