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The Modern Italian Master: A Conversation with Pietro Terzini

(Image courtesy of Pietro Terzini)

What is the Italian artist archetype? Does the artist need the backing of a city-state's elite or the Pope to create their wares? Moreover, do you have to travel to Europe to see the art? In 2023, a new class of artists is redrawing what it means to be an artist. Pietro Terzini is at the forefront of the second Italian artistic revolution. With over 125,000 followers, Terzini merges Italy's rich artistic tradition and global social media presence to create social commentary artworks. I had the chance to speak with him to learn more about his creative process.

(Image courtesy of Pietro Terzini)

1. What is your artistic journey?

My artistic journey began while I was at university when I studied architecture. Once I completed my bachelor's degree, I furthered my educated by going to graduate school to study marketing. After earning my master's degree, I worked in influencer marketing as Chiara Ferragni's digital manager. While working as Ferragni's digital manager, I started to create content and brand partnerships.

(Image courtesy of Pietro Terzini)

All my experiences have led me to the point where I started to work for myself and showcase my work. Now, I sell artworks in European and American galleries and work with global brands for their creative and marketing endeavors.

(Image courtesy of Pietro Terzini)

2. How do you define art?

It's impossible to create a concrete definition of art. But I can describe art and define an artist. An artist can work in visual, cinematic, written, etc., and can stimulate emotions. Art should move many people's souls and inspire communication.

(Image courtesy of Pietro Terzini)

3. What is your artistic process?

My artistic process applies to different mediums, clients, and galleries. It typically begins when I receive a brief from a client or gallery. A brief describes what the other party wants the piece to accomplish and their needs (size, color, etc.). After reading the brief, I think about the best way to tell the story the client wants to say. During this brainstorming, I recognized one idea that could be a starting point and begin the visual process. Creating the work is only 1% of the creative process.

(Image courtesy of Pietro Terzini)

4. What advice would you give to students and young professionals who want to enter this realm?

The best piece of advice is to be proactive while pursuing your dreams. Since time is a limited resource, use your time wisely by working on skills and techniques that can further your goals. In addition, a person needs to know that, in the beginning, everyone needs to learn. You need to work to apply the lessons learned from the classroom or life.

(Image courtesy of Pietro Terzini)


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