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Zoom Zoom Zoom: What to wear on Zoom Meetings

(November 2020, I am about to give a final presentation for a class, Top: Express, Jacket: Barney's Shorts: Lulu Lemon)

I recognize that there are many negatives COVID-19 has caused, and this article is not making light of the loss of human life, unemployment, and overall chaos. This article tries to see some positive things that have happened as a result of working from home. I hope you enjoy it.

COVID-19 has changed the way the world communicates. Meetings, classes, and events are now relegated to cyberspace as people try to find the new normal. Since cyberspace has become the new agora, fashion has also updated to accommodate remote work/learning. Thus, leisure clothing has become chic. The age of the sweatpants is here to stay as COVID-19 lockdowns continue to escalate (Bindley, 2020). People are learning to balance professionalism and comfort as we settle into this brave new world. Here are some fashion-forward tips for you.

Before I show you some fantastic places to buy clothes from, I want to define business formal and business casual attire for women.

Business Formal for Woman (Heathfield,2019)

  • Women's Business Suit (either pant or skirt for bottoms)

  • appropriate skirt (hits the knee or goes longer than the knee)

  • Formal blouse

  • Dress shirts

  • Dress sweaters

  • Button-down tops

  • Turtlenecks

Business Casual for Women (Heathfield,2019)

  • Dress pants

  • Collared shirts or blouses

  • Sweaters

  • Blazers

  • Closed-toe shoes

  • Skirts or dresses


In my graduate school program, the average class time is seventy-five minutes. Class attire varies based on the professor, time of day, and content. If the teacher brings in a class lecturer, students are expected to be Zoom business casual. I define Zoom business-casual as business-casual top and comfortable bottoms. Here are some of my favorite Zoom business casual tops. All of these tops are under 50 dollars!

Express: Express offers comfortable and affordable options business formal or business casual clothing. Express also offers a student discount for all students.

(Image courtsy of Express shirt: Satin Portofino)

(Image courtsey of Express shirt: Ribbed Cowl Neck Sweater)

Dry Goods USA: Dry Goods USA has a wide variety of business casual, smart casual, and casual clothing. Whenever I go to Chicago, I make sure to go to one of their stores.

(Image courtsey of Dry Goods USA: Moa Moa Brushed Off the Shoulder Top)

(Image courtsey of Dry Goods USA: Lush Mock Neck Knit Top)

Everlane : Everlane encapsulates effortless style. These pieces offer timeless staples for your closet.

(Image courtsey of Everlane: The Air Poet Tee)

(Image courtsey of Everlane: The Silky Cotton Split-Neck Blouse)


For your Zoom Business Causal bottoms, you can let your creativity fly. For me, I like to wear sweatpants or work out leggings when I am doing work. Here are some suggestions

Boys Lie: Boys Lie combines feminist ethos into wearable design. Its impossible to wear their clothes and not feel like a bad ass. Their newest collection dropped January 29, and you have to check it out.

(Image courtsey of Boys Lie: BOYS LIE BUSINESS PANT)

(Image courtsey of Boys Lie: BB PINK CLASSICS V2)

Lulu Lemon: Lulu Lemon makes you feel unstoppable. The company offers customers a quality guarantee policy that enables you to get the most out of your pants.

(Image courtesy of Lulu Lemon: On The Fly )

I hope that this piece can help you get you excited for your next zoom meeting.

(Gif courtesy of


Me on my first day of graduate school

Rachel Huss

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