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Chasing Dreams with Raymond Representation

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

Michael Raymond, the founder of Raymond Representation, recognized his dream early and has created a robust foundation to foster his dream through his sports agency Raymond Representation. I had the chance to speak with him to learn more about the company.

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

What inspired Raymond Representation?

I always knew I would be an agent of some sort. Growing up, you don't know as much as you think you do, and you watch many movies. Over time, I continued to learn about the business and differentiate my services from other agents. I decided to start with basketball players on the business and marketing side. I wanted to find ways to add value and begin to build relationships. Over time, as we started to grow, our players were looking for more out of me. So, I added more to my team and began to get marketing deals for the players, plan off-season events and charity foundations, help them gain exposure with teams, sign with new agents, etc. At that point, we started to build our roster quickly and had many guys to look out for. We began to get selective with our process. I finally got my agent license after six months of working with guys. While working on Raymond Representation, I was still a 2L at the University of Miami School of Law. It was a grind, and I had to juggle the two. Presently, Raymond Representation has 10+ clients, collaborated with 50+ companies, began an internship program, employs eight people, and continues to grow every day.

Working as the Basketball Operations Intern for Raymond Representation has been not only a fantastic experience but also one that is truly priceless! Working with this amazing team of motivated and passionate individuals every day has truly been inspiring, and I have learned so much in just six weeks. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to do what I love and the trust that Michael Raymond and Jake Doobrow have instilled in me to help Raymond Representation reach new heights. I can honestly say this agency is like no other! -Jake Cohen

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

How does Raymond Representation incorporate its mission and vision in its services?

Our mission statement is" from athlete to entrepreneur," and I genuinely believe it. Most agency websites have similar mission statements and similar services. While an undergraduate at the University of Central Florida, I did so much due diligence on this topic and kept thinking, how can I be different? We are helping our guys become true leaders on and off the court. If they want to start a clothing brand, we will. If they want to put on a kids camp, we will. If they want to be on a podcast a week and share their story, we will. We want our clients to share their stories and be the best version of themselves.

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

What are the defining characteristics of the talent you represent?

Real, Genuine, Authenticity

My players need to be themselves and maintain open and honest communications with myself and the team. I want guys that believe in themselves and work for what they want.

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

How do you cultivate talent within your company?

We utilize social media extensively. With COVID, our team could not go into many places or attend any events. We had to build our brand using our social networks via Zoom meetings and maintain current relationships through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Our online platforms worked out well because most traditional agents and agencies have not entered into the social media realm yet. We built our brand through digital marketing and social, so it was a leg up for us. As the world remerges after the pandemic, we are beginning to work on events and networking in person. We recognize that this is a process, and we are just getting started.

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

How has COVID-19 impacted your organization?

The COVID-19 Pandemic leveled the playing field for us and allowed us to grow at our own pace. While most events were canceled and there were no sports, we took that time to build our brand online presence via social media, solidify our mission and vision, develop a team. and network with talent.

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to enter this field?

I would say save up some funds to get started because you will need it. Certifications alone are a few grand. Once you get your certificates, you have to begin marketing yourself, network at events, etc. The process of establishing yourself and getting the proper certification costs a lot of money. You should find ways to add value to players immediately. You do not have to be the agent all the time. If they want help setting up an autograph signing, tell them you can make it happen. It all starts with building the relationship and growing it over time. This business is all about patience and adding value.

(Image courtesy of Raymond Representation)

What is the future of the company?

The future is limitless. We hope to continue to add star-studded clientele and most, if not all NBA-level players. I want to keep growing the team, meeting new people, working with more companies, and inspire any students behind me. I built this company during my 2L year of law school and never looked back. The best piece of advice I could give is to figure out what means the most to you and work your tail off to make it happen. This is just the beginning of Raymond Representation, and I cant wait to see what the future holds.

(Image courtesy of Raymond Rep

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