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Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Great Hair

(Olaplex No. 8: the newest product from Olaplex image courtesy of olaplex )

It would probably be a science experiment if I have to equate hair care to anything. You begin by making an observation or posing a question. I would start by wondering, " Why does my hair feel dry during the summer even though I live in South Florida (it's pretty humid there)? I would go to the salon where my hairdresser would become a scientist posing his or her hypothesis: Rachel, you should try ____ or stop using____ treatment. I would then test the theory by purchasing an assortment of products of various brands and price ranges. As I continued to conduct my hair care experiment, I narrowed my product usage to several brands. When my hairstylist recommended I try Olaplex, I was interested. Olaplex is famous for working with all different hair types and colors. I wondered if it was up for the challenge that is my hair. Turns out, Olaplex was the conclusion for my hair care experiment. It exceeds my requirements and expectations while ensuring hair quality for multiple days. Since that day, I have religiously used Olaplex No. 3 and 6 and have started incorporating No. 4 and 5 into my hair care routine. I had the opportunity to chat with Joleen Thicklin, senior educator on the Olaplex social media team, to discuss how Olaplex allows people of all different hair types to share a great experience.

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1. What makes Olaplex different from other hair products?

OLAPLEX is different from other hair products due to its uniquely unmatched patented chemistry that repairs and relinks disulfide bonds in the hair.

(Image courtesy of Olaplex )

2. How does Olaplex allow all hair types to be able to have a great result?

The core science of OLAPLEX is to relink and repair disulfide bonds in the hair, and everyone, regardless of texture or condition, has disulfide bonds in their hair. Disulfide bonds are broken in various ways, whether it be chemically( through color or chemical services), mechanically( brushing your hair too rough or putting your hair in tight ponytails, etc.), or thermally( using hot tools such as flat irons, curling irons) when these actions occur, and the disulfide bonds are broken this creates a chain of events in the hair that ultimately cause breakage OLAPLEX addresses this directly and helps prevent breakage from happening and helps repair unhealthy hair.

(Image courtesy of Olaplex )

3. Why should someone buy Olaplex?

Our patented chemistry is a game-changer in one's healthy hair journey. When your hair is healthy, the end result is improved manageability, increased shine and overall hair healthiness and who doesn’t want that boost of confidence

(Image courtesy of Olaplex )

4. What is the future of the company?

OLAPLEX takes its lead from the hair community and its consumers. We are founded in innovation and will always create products based on stay tuned!

Thank you Olaplex for making my hair feel soft and healthy! It was so much fun working with you on this post; I look forward to continuing to use your products. Here is a video below of my hair after using Olaplex.


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