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Dream Ad: The Fresh Carlton of Whole Foods

Scene 1: Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro) is doing self-checkout at his local Whole Foods. He is whistling the song: It's Not Usual by Tom Jones. He is wearing a matching outfit with a matching COVID-19 friendly mask and matching reusable gloves as he checks out. The cash register asks for his Amazon prime membership. He downloads the Whole Food app and scans the code. He sees that he is getting great discounts. He goes to a Whole Foods employee who happens to be Tom Jones. He asks, " Does this happen all the time?" Jones says, "It's not unusual."

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Scene 2: This answer spurs Carlton to dance around the cash register. He is singing; It's Not Unusual as he socially distances dancing because he is so happy. Carlton then does the Carlton and proceeds to pay. This scene parallels Carlton doing The Carlton Dance from The Fresh Prince from Bel Air.

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Scene 3: Will Smith playing Will Smith from The Fresh Prince from Bel Air is wearing a Whole Foods employee uniform. He is embarrassed and shocked by his dance. He goes to Tom Jones and asks, "Does that happen all the time?" Jones says, " It's not unusual." The audience then sees John Goodstone (Tom Cruise) from Risky Business just scanning his discount code and dancing to I Love. that Old Time Rock and Roll. He takes his celery stalk and uses it as a microphone, and jumps on the cash register.

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